Second electronic survey - Traffic, Railway & Parking

We are now running a second survey focussing on traffic, railway and parking issues within Tecoma. Our survey can be accessed by going to Please forward this link on to family and friends you think may be interested.

Please note - the survey has now been extended and will close on Friday 28th June 2019.

3-storey development going to VCAT

The issue of the development at 1533 Burwood highway, Tecoma is ongoing with the issue now to be decided by VCAT on 10th July 2019. This with an interest in this hearing should lodge their submission before 30th April 2019 - Application for Review number: P163/2019. Planning Application Number: YR-2018/31


Tecoma Survey Results

Many thanks to all those who completed our first Community Survey, Tecoma is a really collaborative community. And congratulations to Paul and Brian who were randomly selected by a computer program to each win a $25 gift voucher for plants from the Southern Dandenongs Community Nursery at Birdsland.

This first survey was to explore the community structure and gain a feel of what is important to Tecoma residents and workers. We are most grateful for the time you have taken to complete the survey. TVAG has now released The Results and will keep you posted on projects that eventuate from this survey.



Planning Permit granted by Council

On Tuesday 27th November 2018, the Shire of Yarra Ranges Council considered this application for "Building and Works to construct a retail premises (shop), five dwellings and reduction in car parking requirements" and decided to grant a permit under certain conditions.

Details of these conditions are available here...

This matter has now been referred to VCAT



New Committee formed

The TVAG Committee taking Tecoma into 2019 is:

President:  Ms Barbara Crisp

Vice President:  Mr Bill Brindle

Secretary:  Ms Carol Allen

Treasurer:  Mr Dennis Gration

Vice-Secretary:  Mr Norman Delmas


Community Consultation meeting - re:1553 Burwood Highway Tecoma

The Shire of Yarra Ranges arranged a Community Consultation meeting with the project developer whereby persons concerned with this development may meet and hear a presentation from the developer. Afterwards there will be time for enquiries and limited discussion.


Sherbrooke Child Centre
Burwood Highway

Thursday 6th September 2018

6:00pm - 7:00pm

Meeting Report:

Steve O’Brien, Managing Director of Universal Planning, spoke on behalf of the developers. He was accompanied by the Project Manager, Amanda Ming, but his architect was an apology.

The meeting was facilitated by Nick Wilson, Planning Officer, who was accompanied by Katy, Chief Planner and Mardi (?) Cuthbert, a very impressive young lady responsible for transport in the planning area.


Compared with other meetings we have attended this was a very useful and constructive meeting. The aim was to find out what the community felt about the proposed development – we were able to communicate amiably with Steve and raised many issues which he will take back to the developers and discuss. We are invited to contact him with any comments that he can present to the developers and he genuinely appeared to want to accommodate concerns and issues that we, as Tecoma residents, have.


The main objective for the development is to utilise the site to its full potential – a café and sitting out area were not considered as meeting that objective!! Steve O’Brien was interested to hear ideas from us about exhaustive use of the site, what can be done with it?


The main topics we raised were:

Height, roof gardens, not in keeping with street façade, visual profile and design, set back, materials to be used

Cars – parking, small size of garages not accommodating larger cars, lack of required parking spaces, shop owners parks not available for use, space for delivery vehicles & loading bay

Permeability – management of water drainage, non-pervious surfaces

Construction – accommodation of large equipment, removal of soil, inconvenience to traffic on easement

Amenity – ventilation, air-conditioning, heating – where will these be placed. Permanent smell from Maccas! Waste bins

Accessibility – not any good for disabled people, prams. Not raised but needs to be addressed – how can large furniture items be taken into residences when  access ways are so narrow?


Norm (TVAG) stressed the VCAT reports from the supermarket and then Maccas should be carefully studied.


We learned that :

The construction management plan is still to be developed

The traffic report has been amended and gone back to Council for consideration

Landscape plan still to be developed

Drainage plan has been upgraded and being worked on by Council

Waste bins – Council is currently looking at this


Nick will keep us informed as to progress , let Mike Clarke know what’s happening, and when it goes to Council meeting for consideration we will be allowed to have one person speak for 5 minutes.