The Tecoma Village Action Group is administered by a voluntary Committee elected from the membership at the Annual General Meeting. The Committee comprises a minimum of 4 members, namely the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.

The role of the President is to organise General Meetings at least quarterly, and the Annual General Meeting. The President will also administer the general business of TVAG on a regular basis, using the volunteer time of other Committee members and general members to achieve the goals of the group.

The Vice President will assist the President in the administering of the group's general business and oversight of any sub-committees formed by the membership.

The Treasurer ensures the smooth running of the group's financial matters and bank accounts. 

The Secretary deals with correspondence and minute taking at Committee meetings and ensures that the membership is kept in touch with the activities of TVAG. This is usually done through regular "Member Info" emails and updates to the TVAG website. The Secretary also holds the role of Public Officer and provides annual reports to Consumer Affairs Victoria as required by the Victorian State Incorporated Associations legislation.


TVAG Committee can be contacted via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Current Committee

President: Barbara Crisp

Vice-President: Carol Allen

Treasurer: Dennis Gration

Secretary: David Jewell

Committee: Lynne Lambert, Bill Brindle, Norman Delmas, Lorraine Wakefield, Carol Allen

Immediate Past Committee

President:           Barbara Crisp

Vice President:   Bill Brindle

Secretary:          David Jewell

Treasurer:          Dennis Gration