The Tecoma Village Action Group is a representative group and as such wants to know what are the concerns of residents, traders and visitors to Tecoma. Periodically we take surveys of people who interact with Tecoma and would like to see improvements made, some things to remain for future generations, and the whole gambit in between. 

TVAG meets regularly with Local Government, the Shire of Yarra Ranges, through the Shire of Yarra Ranges Township Groups Network and contributes to the wider development of the Hills communities. If you have any specific concern that you would like to pass on, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  June 2018 Community Survey - now closed

Thanks to everybody who responded to the survey. Please find the results of the survey below.


Respondents were then prompted to add further comments if they wished to. Many referred to the character of not only the town, but the surrounding local community ie the Dandenong Ranges. A number of respondents indicated they appreciated the small village feel of the town, while not being too far away from Melbourne. The environment was also often mentioned as a reason that Tecoma was special to them.

Of those who indicated Tecoma was not special to them, the lack of character was referred to, including after the construction of the McDonalds fast food outlet.

Note that some respondents were in more than one category.

Of those that do not use the shops, one reason cited were that Tecoma did not have the shops that they wanted.

Of those that do use the shops, op shops were the most popular choice. Cafes, take away outlets and dine in restaurants were also popular. Retail shops, hairdressers/barbers, multiple health services and real estate agents were also chosen by a number of respondents. Other businesses visited included the petrol station & car wash, dance studio, massage and pet shop. Bon-ton was also named multiple times.

Several respondents said they would use the shops more if issues including parking were improved, for example lack of access from rear car parks due to the steep incline.

Car was by far the most common form of transport with all respondents indicating they used a private vehicle. A number people said they used the train. Bicycle, Buses, Uber and Taxis were also used by a small number. Several respondents reminded us walking is a form of transport.

Respondents were prompted for further comment on how Tecoma’s transport services could be improved. Ideas for additional traffic lights/pedestrian crossings, increased railway station car parking, as well as train/bus improvements were mentioned. Multiple people mentioned the idea of smaller buses running more regularly, as well as a direct bus service to Knox City Shopping Centre. Improved pedestrian access, including to/from the railway station was often mentioned.

A number of respondents were involved with Tecoma Primary School, as well as a small number with the kindergarten, Uniting Church and dancing. Respondents were then prompted to name any other activities if they wished. Food is Free/Tecoma Community Garden/Flame Garden/Hills Food Frontier are among the activities that came up multiple times.

A majority of people indicated they were not involved with volunteer activities. Some chose to name the particular activity. We did not ask about volunteer activities outside Tecoma.

Respondents were prompted to detail any other issues relating to the Tecoma township, and nearly every person answering this survey opted to name issues. The top four issues named were:

  • Issues caused by the presence of McDonalds
  • Improvements to shops, including Bon-Ton
  • Vehicular traffic
  • Inappropriate current or proposed developments, including housing